Trafficking is, unfortunately, something that is real... it´s out there, it´s closer then we

think and it´s global. People (mostly women and children) are being kidnaped to live as sex slaves. We need to stand up against this giant together as one powerful source.


Trafficking is the 2nd biggest organized crimes in the world. And according to UN, sex slavery is producing $32 billion each year. And Siddharth Kara* says that Europe has the highest amount of sex slaves per capita in the world.


For OKNI the reality of love is that it looks like something, so the question we ask ourselves is: What can we do to show these women and children love, and what can we do right now to stop this madness?

The answer OKNI came up with is following:

"Our Jewelry is stamped with the words HOME and FREE, those words are strongly connected to what we would like to see, which is that these beautiful women and children will be FREE from their ropes and that they will be able to open the door to a safe HOME! Therefore will OKNI, by using our creative gift, support ministries and organizations that are fighting trafficking."


Links to the organizations that we are currently supporting







































[ * Siddharth Kara, writer of ”Sex Trafficking: Inside the Business of Modern Slavery” ]

Run Against Traffic they run, they rescue and they restore. They also have a story to tell, a beautiful but yet horrible... go to their website to listen to it, and you will fully understand what they do. 

BarnSamariten ("The Children's Samaritan") are supporting and working withthe winner of Nobel Peace Price 2018 - Dr. Mukwege in DR KONGO.Several decades of war and vanity have hindered the development of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In this country, one of the world's deadliest conflicts is currently underway. Rape systems are systematically used by armed groups to scare and control civilians. Violence is everywhere and it is aimed primarily at women and their families. BarnSamariten supports a rehabilitation work for raped girls and their children through the organization Panzi Foundation. BarnSamariten also supports LAV. The target group is the children-prostituted girls who live on the Bukavu brothels.