10% of the prize goes to stop trafficking through
"Run Against Traffick" - USA and "BarnSamariten - Sweden".



Only gentle care.


Do not:

• Do not use in shower or bath

• Do not scrub or scratch the surface.

• Do not use metal polishes.


Please notice:
• The chain are made of steel.
• Perfume, hair spray and other cosmetics may affect your chain and key.

Just use it as a ordinary neckless and let time do the work with your necklace, let it be naturally worn... 

HOME No.4 | Mixed Key Sizes

200,00 krPrice
  • Size: Key - Small - Large
    Length: 90 cm, 2,4 mm
    Shape: varies, every key is unique.
    Steel chain.

    The word is stamped on the disc.

    Key: Metal