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jesus in action on a nail salon

Updated: Feb 16, 2018

Some days ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone...and ohhhh if I could describe the sweet taste of honey that was waiting on the other side...

I was down town fixing my nails... and the nail artist is a real sweetheart. When we were done with the nails I asked her if I could pray for her. She said yes... So I did... and bom. I love to see peoples face when Jesus shows up touching their heart, always gentle but also very direct ... she cried the beautiful, emotional tears...God’s peace and presence was hitting a heart in the midst of that nail salon... and when she understood that it was Jesus, she said yes to him, and with tears and a really touched heart she was letting the true King, Jesus, in to her heart for the first time! What a beautiful moment! People are hungry after the truth, the real peace, the real love! “Taste and see” is a perfect road for Jesus to walk on, in to a hungry heart and fill it with unexplainable love, peace, joy and freedom!

p.s I didn´t have any OKNI-necklaces with me that day, but next time I´m going there,

I will give her a necklace to her for sure!

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